BiQ Analyzer Download

Important: Latest instances of BiQ Analyzer: HiMod and "Classic" are now available as a single installation package. Upon successful installation procedure you will find both versions in the BiQ Analyzer section of the applications panel. See Installation for further details and OS-specific instructions.

version 5.1

BiQ Analyzer single installation package

(includes version HiMod and Classic)

  • The installation package contains the BiQ Analyzer HiMod installer in form of a runnable java archive:
    • install_BiQ_Analyzer.jar
  • Works on all major platforms (Windows, Linux and Mac)
  • On Mac OS the system ingtegration is rather poor in this case, so for standard usage better refer to the bundles below
Apple DMG

BiQ HiMod and BiQ 3 "Classic" application bundles for Mac OS X

  • The disk image contains the bundles "BiQ Analyzer" and "BiQ Analyzer".
  • After mountin the image, install any or both of them by copying (drag-n-drop) into the "Applications" folder.
  • Due to the packaging mechanism for Java applications, each bundle includes a JRE as a plugin. Thus the total size of the image is 200 Mb !.

You can download older versions of BiQ Analyzer on a separate page: Legacy versions

Example Data

You can download example data and corresponding precomputed results from the Examples section.