Epigenomic projects

The German epigenome programme 'DEEP' (http://www.deutsches-epigenom-programm.de/) (2012 – 2017) is an interdisciplinary research network. DEEP will contribute innovative epigenome research data to IHEC, the ‘International Human Epigenome Consortium’ by generating and interpreting up to 80 reference epigenomes of selected human cells and tissues.

Blueprint Logo
Blueprint (http://www.blueprint-epigenome.eu/) is a large-scale research project receiving close to 30 million euro funding from the EU. 39 leading European universities, research institutes and industry entrepreneurs participate in what is one of the two first so-called high impact research initiatives to receive funding from the EU.
NOTOX Logo NOTOX (http://www.notox-sb.eu/) is one of the building block projects of the European research initiative SEURAT (safety evaluation ultimately replacing animal testing) funded by EU-FP7 HEALTH programme and the European Cosmetics Association (Cosmetics Europe).