Related DNA methylation tools

At the Max Planck Institute for Informatics, we develop bioinformatic methods and software that address the needs of wet-lab researchers working on epigenetics / epigenomics (see for details). Your feedback on the existing tools (see below) as well as requests for novel methods and tools are highly appreciated (please contact Christoph Bock for further discussion).

RnBead Logo
RnBeads ( is an R package for comprehensive analysis of genome-wide DNA methylation data obtained with any experimental protocol that provides single-CpG resolution.
EpiExplorer Logo EpiExplorer ( is a web tool that allows you to use large reference epigenome datasets for your own analysis without complex scripting or laborous preprocessing.
EpiGRAPH ( enables biologists to analyze genome and epigenome datasets with powerful statistical and machine learning methods.
MethMarker Logo
MethMarker ( facilitates the design of DNA methylation assays for COBRA, bisulfite SNuPE, bisulfite pyrosequencing, MethyLight and MSP.